Tip Tuesday: Help for Shooting Outdoors Without a Gel

On location, especially outdoors, we don’t expect light from the sun to be white—we expect it to be a little warmer, a little bit orangish. So, it looks weird to us, and obviously “lit,” when we see white light outdoors, because we’re expecting something else. We fix that by putting a small amount of thin, orange gel over the flash head, but what if you don’t have a gel for your flash?

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Ten Secrets for Architectural Photography
by Randy Van Duinen

Back in high school I thought I’d become an architect until I picked up my first camera and started photo­graphing. It seemed that all I photographed was architecture. I’ve been fortunate to merge my love of both architecture and photography into a profession and, after 30 years, I still look forward to my next assignment. One of the most important aspects of architectural photography, whether shooting for an architect, interior designer, builder, or a magazine, is to create dramatic images. Here are ten tips that will help you come away with great architectural photographs.

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