Bringing Kids and Imagination to Life
by Gilmar Smith

I find my deepest sense of inspiration by telling stories that are sparked by the many magical wonders of childhood. For my subjects and me, fun collaborations are where the magic begins. Children are the best creative directors in the world, and I love helping them bring their ideas to life through every stage of the process: from concept to photo shoot to the final image.

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Invisible Athlete Composite Design
by Corey Barker

In this article, I have a lot of useful tricks that we’re going to use in combination to build a sports design based on an ad I saw for Under Armour sportswear. It highlights the clothes by showing them in action without people in them. It’s a cool result that’s easy to achieve with the right photo. Along the way, we’ll add some effects you might find useful in other projects. There’s even a bonus video at the end on finishing effects.

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