Jeff Leimbach shares insights that’ll inspire you to get into architecture photography. Whether you’re just looking to understand pricing and marketing basics or you’re struggling to touch up client photographs, this class is for you!

Once you’re done watching this online photography class, you’ll be ready to grab your camera and starting creating new images! Start watching and get inspired.

Class Outline:

  1. Market: Know Your Market
  2. Market: Promote Your Work
  3. Market: How Do You Charge
  4. Shoot: Preparing
  5. Shoot: On Location Part 1
  6. Shoot: On Location Part 2
  7. Edit: Workflow and Editing Tools
  8. Edit: Photoshop Clean Up
  9. Edit: Final Touches and Output
  10. Wrap Up

Discover “Architectural Photography: Market, Shoot, Edit” with Jeff Leimbach!

Jeff Leimbach

Jeff is a professional photographer and graphic designer. He has served as moderator for Photoshop World, Photoshop Seminar Tour for KelbyOne, and the Canon in Action Tour for Canon Live Learning. Other workshop experience includes staff instructor for Moose Peterson’s Digital Landscape Workshops and owner of The Digital Photo Workshops. He also serves as a camera product educator and tech rep.