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Tip Tuesday: Color Dodge Eyes for More Dimension

To add eye dimension, paint 50% gray on an empty layer over the irises. Then, change that layer’s blend mode to Color Dodge, and double-click to the right of its name in the Layers panel to bring up the Layer Style dialog. Play around with the two sliders on the Underlying Layer bar in the Blend If section. The objective is to have the lightening effect show up only on the lighter striations in the irises. Hold down Option (PC: Alt) when you click on one of the sliders to divide it, which will help feather the edges where...

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Polishing The Rivets, Bringing Glory To The Light!
By Moose Peterson

It was a typical day in England, light wise that is. We’d spent the whole day on the historic Duxford Field with the Historic Aircraft Collection’s spectacular Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb and Hawker Hurricane Mk XIIa. We’d had those stereotypical English gray skies most of the day. The field, aircraft, even the weather is exactly what the men and women of the British Royal Air Force saw during WWII as they launched these very aircraft to defend their nation. That’s a lot of history to shove in your viewfinder, even more when you share that final photograph! Then, when the sun worked its magic as only it can at sunset, the photographic challenge exploded with the romance that it now brought to the field.

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Dynamic Range: Warm Summer Dreams
By Jaime Ibarra

This image was shot on an unusually bright day. The sun was directly behind the model’s head, and no fill flash or bounce card was available during this impromptu shoot. I should have exposed for the model, but I didn’t, so the exposure wasn’t optimal for her. However, I was able to satisfactorily salvage the image using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Let’s take a look at how.

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