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Tip Tuesday: Hiding Tourists, Cars, Buses, etc.

This shot was taken in the heart of Rome, Italy. I was standing in a small park across the street from Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland). No matter what time of day you’re standing in front of it, the view will pretty much always have cars, buses, scooters, and tourists right in front of it. Using Photoshop to clone all those cars and buses out of the way would be a nightmare, because you’d have to rebuild a lot of the front of the building. So, instead, try this…

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Finishing for the Heart
by Moose Peterson

We’re amazingly fortunate to wander our planet with our cameras in hand to bring back to others the wonders that we witness. It’s a very passionate affair, which greatly influences how we see and make our photographs. We all know the process we go through to bring back our stories in our photos, and we’ve all experienced the moment when showing our photos to others that we’ve said, “This doesn’t do the scene justice.”

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Tip Tuesday: Importing Lightroom Presets

There are lots of places online where you can download free Develop module pre­sets (like from this book’s compan­ion website and my site). Once they’re downloaded, go to the Presets panel, click the on + (plus sign) button on the right side of the panel header, choose Import Preset(s), and navigate your way to the preset(s) you just downloaded. You can also just Right-click directly on User Presets, and choose Import from the pop-up menu (as seen here). Locate the preset(s) you downloaded and click the Import button, and it will now appear in your User Presets. Excerpted...

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