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Layer Styles to the Rescue When Changing Background Colors
by Kristina Sherk

It used to be almost impossible to cleanly cut out hair and edges around your subject without having that muddy white lens flare glaring back at you from your image. It’s okay, you can step back from that ledge, my friend, I’m here today to share an amazing little trick I learned from Photoshop guru and KelbyOne educator Glyn Dewis that will help you tremendously with this type of task.

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Creating a High-Key Portrait Effect
by Lesa Snider

Since CMYK channels represent ink rather than light, the grayscale information you see in your Channels panel represents the opposite of what it does in RGB mode. In CMYK mode, black indicates color at full strength and white indicates color at its weakest. Even if you’re not sending your image to a professional printing press, you can still have some fun in CMYK mode!

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