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Say Goodbye to Painting Masks By Hand
by Kristina Sherk

“Work smarter, not harder.” Anyone who has watched my KelbyOne courses knows this is my mantra, and I honestly live by these words. It’s important to not only keep up with the latest gear but it’s also just as important to spend time growing your knowledge of the software that you already subscribe to and use on a daily basis. The better you know the software (or hardware) you already own, the easier you’ll work, and the more proficient you’ll become. You can have all of the newest gear in the world, but if you don’t know how to use it, you won’t be a good photographer. (Sorry to all those gear heads out there whose bubble I just busted.)

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Advanced Masking Workflow
By Scott Valentine

Some of the most popular Photoshop tutorials involve selections and masking. There are entire books dedicated to this topic, some written by your favorite authors. (I got my start with masking by watching Katrin Eismann teach at Photoshop World.) Most of these books focus on photographic masking, and go from manual, painted selections to using image information with a few tweaks from adjustments and filters, which is incredibly powerful. Let’s look at how to isolate your mask for robust, detailed editing. In the end, you’ll have a seriously flexible way to work with complex masks using nearly everything Photoshop has to offer.

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How To Quickly Enhance Local Contrast
By Lesa Snider

As you’re learning in this issue, increasing contrast globally along high-contrast edges makes a photo look crisp and sharp; however, increasing local contrast in smaller regions—referred to as a local contrast enhancement or LCE—can accentuate larger details (shapes), giving your image a three-dimensional look. This column demonstrates three super-quick ways to get it done.

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