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Down & Dirty Tricks: Create A Winter Portrait With Realistic Falling Snow
by Kirk Nelson

With winter rearing its frosty head in most parts of the country, it’s likely that most outdoor photography will involve the elements of the season. As beautiful as it is, shooting in falling snow can be quite a challenge. Those delicate flakes are composed of water after all, and traditionally water and cameras don’t mix very well. The erratic nature of falling snow also presents its own challenges. It’s impossible to keep flakes from obscuring your subject’s face, and if the flakes are large enough, they can play havoc with your auto-focus sensors—all leading to a potentially very cold,...

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Down & Dirty Tricks: Five-Up Photo Layout
by Scott Kelby

In this “Down & Dirty” we’re creating a multi-photo layout that you could use for anything from the front of a business card to a website slash page to the opening for a slide show or presentation. Setting it up the first time is easy—it just takes a couple of minutes, but the nice thing is that once you’ve created it, you can save it as a template. (If you’re comfortable with using smart objects, you could import each image as a smart object, rather than just opening them normally, which will make switching out the images in the future even easier.)

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Creating a Romantic Soft-Focus Portrait Effect
By Kirk Nelson

On the flipside of creating images that are tack sharp is the idea of embracing the beauty of a softer focus. Instead of being dismissed as a technical flaw, soft-focus projects can have a romantic, dreamy look. This idea matches well with a high-key approach that’s common in glamour photography. While this is typically accomplished in-camera, it can also be simulated easily in Photoshop with a variety of techniques. This tutorial steps through several techniques that individually can produce a soft-focus effect, but when used together they create a beautiful result that can be quite stunning!

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New In Town Composite
By Scott Valentine

How do you write a big story? By writing it in small parts and putting it all together! In Scott Valentine’s regular “Photoshop Proving Ground” column for Photoshop User magazine, he spends a lot of time getting you familiar with Photoshop’s tools so you can use them to build big things from small. In this tutorial, he’ll show how to combine a few tools he’s written about in the past to take on bigger challenges by tackling the smaller ones first. In this way, you get to tell bigger and bigger stories.

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