Author: Jessica Maldonado

Ten (Really 13) Things Every Photographer Should Know About Lighting
By Michael Corsentino

You may find the whole lighting subject a bit confusing or even intimidating. No worries; that’s what we’re here for. The first topic on the list below is Michael Corsetino’s “Four Principles of Strobe Light” that are guaranteed to strip away the mystery, and help simplify the way you think about artificial light.

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Tip Tuesday: Assigning a Color Profile to Your RAW Image

If you shoot in RAW, your camera doesn’t embed a color profile in the image (like it does with JPEG and TIFF images). You assign a color profile in Camera Raw, and if you’re using Camera Raw for all your editing, and then you’re just saving your file as a JPEG for emailing or posting to the web, you’re going to want to assign a color profile that keeps the colors looking like you saw in Photoshop. You do this by clicking on the white link beneath the Preview area in Camera Raw. This brings up the Workflow Options...

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Mid-Day Madness: Shooting in Less-Than-Ideal Light
By Ibarionex Perello

The golden hour is that time in the morning and late afternoon when the light is so beautiful that even the most mundane of subjects looks extraordinary. It’s the quality of light that makes it worth getting up extra early for because the resulting images can be so remarkable. But what about the rest of the day, which makes up most of your waking hours and shooting time?

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