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Tip Tuesday: Create a Quick Spotlight Effect in Adobe Camera Raw

There are two ways to do this, and the one I use most often is this (which we also looked at in Chapter 4): Go under the Filter menu and choose Camera Raw Filter. Click on the last tool in the toolbar at the top—that’s the Radial Filter (J). In the Radial Filter panel on the right side of the window, click on the – (minus sign) button to the left of the Exposure slider four times. This resets all the other sliders to zero, but lowers (darkens) the Exposure to –2.00. At the bottom of the panel, make...

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New Class Alert! Mastering Layers: Advanced Techniques with Dave Cross

Join Dave Cross for the second part of his Mastering Layers series. Designed to teach the more advanced techniques, this class dives deep into how to use shape-based masks, vector masks, layer comps, advanced layer blending options, powerful ways to use smart objects, and more! Dave wraps up the class by sharing some of his favorite timing saving keyboard shortcuts that you will want to implement into your workflow immediately. Here are the lessons from this course:  Lesson 1: Locking and Filtering Layers Lesson 2: Shape-Based Masks Lesson 3: Layer Masks and Vector Masks Lesson 4: Layer Comps Lesson 5: Knockout Lesson 6: Blend...

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How to Create Shadows in a Composed Scene
By Uli Staiger

Did you ever compose an image and ask yourself why the composed objects look sort of fake? Well, maybe it was because they don’t have the right shadows. It’s not complicated to create a physically correct shadow, but there are a few things that you should consider. There are three types of shadows, and the good news is all three of them can be created in Photoshop.

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