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Down & Dirty Tricks: Five-Up Photo Layout
by Scott Kelby

In this “Down & Dirty” we’re creating a multi-photo layout that you could use for anything from the front of a business card to a website slash page to the opening for a slide show or presentation. Setting it up the first time is easy—it just takes a couple of minutes, but the nice thing is that once you’ve created it, you can save it as a template. (If you’re comfortable with using smart objects, you could import each image as a smart object, rather than just opening them normally, which will make switching out the images in the future even easier.)

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Photography for Composites
By Glyn Dewis

In this article Glyn Dewis gives you some insight into what is, without question, the most important part of compositing—the photography. Whether your goal is to create a realistic or maybe even a surrealistic picture, having the right starting image with the correct perspective and lighting is vital to a successful composite. The best possible starting image will make the creation of your composites much easier, freeing you up so your time in Photoshop can be creative as opposed to corrective.

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