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Say Goodbye to Painting Masks By Hand
by Kristina Sherk

“Work smarter, not harder.” Anyone who has watched my KelbyOne courses knows this is my mantra, and I honestly live by these words. It’s important to not only keep up with the latest gear but it’s also just as important to spend time growing your knowledge of the software that you already subscribe to and use on a daily basis. The better you know the software (or hardware) you already own, the easier you’ll work, and the more proficient you’ll become. You can have all of the newest gear in the world, but if you don’t know how to use it, you won’t be a good photographer. (Sorry to all those gear heads out there whose bubble I just busted.)

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You Can Now Search for and Filter Magazine Articles!

We recently launched a new feature on the KelbyOne site where you can now search for and filter magazine articles back to January of 2016. We’ll be adding older issues in our online library in the upcoming months, but we just couldn’t wait to push this live. Here’s a breakdown of the various ways you can use this new feature. (Keep in mind that only KelbyOne Pro members can access the magazines.) Search Articles from the Main Magazine Page On the main magazine page, you’ve always been able to filter by All Issues, Photoshop User, and Lightroom. Now there’s...

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Tip Tuesday: Double RAW Processing

Have you ever applied an adjustment in Camera Raw and wished the slider went further? For example, you’re recovering high­lights with the High-lights slider, but it’s all the way to the left, and you know there’s more detail that you just can’t get to. Here’s a sneaky way around that: Make your adjustment, then create a Radial Filter (J) adjustment, and make the oval large enough to cover the entire image. Now you have a whole array of sliders all ready for you to push the boundaries. Call it turbo processing if you like.   This tip originally published...

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