Simple, Effective Solution for Flexible Accessory Positioning

Review by Fernando Santos 

Have you ever felt the need to mount a speedlight, or maybe an LED light, a small screen, a microphone, or any other similar accessory in some unusual angle or position? It can be hard to do without the proper equipment, so let me tell you about the Manfrotto 2-Section Single Arm with Camera Bracket. 

As the product name says, this is a versatile, 2-section, articulated arm that’s surprisingly strong. Even though both sections, as well as the 5/8″ spigots, are metal, Manfrotto was able to keep the arm very lightweight at just 1.1 lb (530 g). It can extend to 23.8″ (60.5cm) and hold up to 2.2 lb. (1 kg). 

Both sections of the arm can rotate and slide in and out of the locking knobs, allowing extremely flexible positioning. Each end of the arm has a 5/8″ spigot, one with a 1/4″ threaded hole and the other with a 3/8″, allowing you to attach it to corresponding bolts. Both have a flat surface to prevent twisting when mounted. 

With all these features, this arm really shines when you pair it with a Manfrotto SuperClamp, or equivalent from other brands. With a strong clamp attached, your positioning options are almost limitless. 

Inside the box, you’ll also find a camera bracket, which can be attached and detached easily from the arm, depending on your needs. While I only recommend you use a small lightweight camera with this arm, the included camera bracket can be particularly useful to mount a full-sized camera, if you use a C-stand boom arm or similar. 

I was surprisingly pleased with the performance of the Manfrotto 2-Section Single Arm with Camera Bracket, and if you do product or macro photography, or if you need overhead or low-angle shots, you may find many uses for it.