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Issue 42 of Lightroom Magazine Is Now Available!

Hi, Everyone! Issue 42 of Lightroom Magazine is now available for KelbyOne Pro members on the KelbyOne site and the KelbyOne Mags app for iOS and Android. In this issue, Martin Evening explores the Tone Curve, Serge Ramelli shares his favorite tips for what he wished he knew when he first started using Lightroom, Michael Corsentino shows how to create powerful portraits with just one light, Rob Sylvan looks at a creative use of the Map module, and so much more! Please Read: If you use the KelbyOne Mags app, please be sure that you’ve updated it to the latest version;...

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Finishing for the Heart
by Moose Peterson

We’re amazingly fortunate to wander our planet with our cameras in hand to bring back to others the wonders that we witness. It’s a very passionate affair, which greatly influences how we see and make our photographs. We all know the process we go through to bring back our stories in our photos, and we’ve all experienced the moment when showing our photos to others that we’ve said, “This doesn’t do the scene justice.”

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Lens Choice
By Steven Gustafson

Over the years, I’ve learned to ask myself two simple questions before I take any photograph: What is my subject, and what is the best way to showcase that subject? Subject refers to the main object or focus of the image; for instance, a person would be the main subject in a portrait, and the entire scene would be the subject of a landscape. What lens you use will help determine the look or “expression” of the subject and is a very important decision on how the final image will look.

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