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Lightroom Classic’s Range Mask Explored
by Rob Sylvan

Range Mask is a new addition to the local adjustment tools (Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter, and Radial Filter) in Lightroom Classic (and Camera Raw 10.x), which provides a way to fine-tune the area being adjusted by color or luminance values within the photo. This means that you’ll only see the Range Mask option after you’ve applied one of the three local adjustments, and then scrolled to the bottom of the local adjustment panel.

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Lightroom Mobile Tricks That Will Change Your Life
by Serge Ramelli

Some of these tricks will only work if you’re a Creative Cloud member, which allows you access to some advanced features and the ability to sync collections from the Lightroom desktop to the Lightroom app on your mobile device or tablet. The app will help you to shoot, retouch, and post photos—all on your phone, which is pretty amazing! So here are my top five tips to help you use the Lightroom app to its full potential!

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Tip Tuesday: Batch Rename

Have you ever had to rename a bunch of files? Maybe DSC34565.CRW isn’t a descriptive enough name? Or maybe you want to rearrange the files and give them a sequential filename to keep them in order, or even build a time-lapse sequence. Whatever reason you may have, it’s easy! Open Bridge and select all the files that you want to rename. Right-click and choose Batch Rename. You’ll see a dialog with lots of options, including the option to add sequential numbers.    This tip originally published in the March, 2016 issue of Photoshop User magazine, in Colin Smith’s Photoshop...

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