The Art of Zootography with Steven Gotz

There’s nothing like being right up close and personal with the wildlife that you’re shooting. And that’s why we’re WILD about this week’s class! You may recognize Steven Gotz as a dedicated member of the KelbyOne community, who shares a passion for zoo photography.

Going to a zoo provides you with that direct access, while also maintaining a safe environment for you and the animals.

See what Steven Gotz came up with for his very first KelbyOne class!

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of a Zoo
  3. Gear Considerations
  4. Types of Zoo Photo Opportunities
  5. Do Your Research
  6. Camera Settings
  7. Shooting Different Enclosures
  8. Shooting Through Glass
  9. Getting Your Photos Noticed
  10. Closing Thoughts

This is an exciting one that we’ve been waiting so patiently for and now it’s here. Watch Steven Gotz’s brand new class!

Steven Gotz

Steven calls himself a Zootographer; a photographer specializing in creating photographs that inspire people to visit their local zoos and wildlife parks. His photographs have been published internationally in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums calendars and books, by the AP International news bureau, in scientific studies, as well as by local TV stations, newspapers and magazines. The Oakland Zoo in California uses his photographs for press releases, maps, signs, banners, billboards, calendars, trading cards, their Social Media channels, the zoo’s official web site and more.