Portable 400 Watt-sec AC/DC Strobe

Review by Michael Corsentino

Westcott, known largely for their modifiers, constant lights, and accessories, has come to market with a new feature-laden, 400 Watt-sec, studio and location strobe. Let’s run down its robust features: It’s battery-operated, wirelessly controlled, and TTL/HSS-enabled. It has 480+ full-power flashes per charge, less than 1-sec recycle time at full power, adjustable 1/10-stop power, and a digital interface. Also worthy of mention is the FJ400’s large display and user-friendly menu system, and it’s all just $569.90! You read that correctly! Trickle-down technology is making some pretty compelling features more affordable than ever, and from a brand you already know and trust. 

The FJ400’s flash tube and frosted front dome are positioned in front of the unit’s housing, much like legacy Profoto strobes, which many still favor because of the way they evenly fill any modifier you throw at them. Very cool! This battery-operated strobe also sports a daylight-balanced LED modeling light, matching the color balance of the strobe. This is a nice touch, especially if you favor mixing strobe and constant light, and it’s useful for techniques such as dragging the shutter to let in ambient light and creating a ghost image, etc. A matching color balance means no gels are needed to correct the white balance of the modeling light. Combine the FJ400 strobe with Westcott’s new FJ-X2m Universal Wireless Flash Trigger priced at $99.90 (look for my forthcoming review), and you’ve got a hard combo to beat at this price point. 

If you add a Bowens mount, it’s suitable for a wide variety of modifiers right out of the gate. Speed rings for other manufacturers can be added, as needed. ■