Make photos that people will love! Join Marc Silber as he walks you through the same cycle of photography that past photography masters and professional photographers use today. Throughout the course Marc shares inspirational interviews, quotes, examples, tips, and his decades of experience to help you take your photography to the next level.

By the end of the class, you’ll have a better understanding of your camera, have stronger visualization skills, have a better understanding of composition, know how to process your images, know what to do after you’ve crafted an amazing photo, and so much more.

What’s inside this class? Check out the lessons below!

Course Overview:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Cycle of Photography
  3. Knowing Your Equipment
  4. Visualization
  5. Visualization Tools
  6. Being Prepared
  7. Strengthen Visualization Muscles
  8. Get to Know Your Camera
  9. What the Camera is All About
  10. The Aperture
  11. Focal Length
  12. Shutter Speed
  13. ISO
  14. Image File Types
  15. Putting it All Together
  16. Handheld Photography
  17. Over and Under Exposing a Scene
  18. Tripods
  19. Capture
  20. Compositional Guidelines
  21. Camera Orientation and Angle
  22. Viewpoint
  23. Language of Light
  24. Understand How Your Camera Responds to the Light
  25. Putting People at Ease
  26. Processing Your Images
  27. Sharing Your Work
  28. Social Media
  29. Get Your Work Out There
  30. Be Your Own Chief Marketing Officer
  31. Final Word

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Marc Silber

Marc is an author, photographer, filmmaker, and producer. He started out studying in the darkroom and learning photography at the Peninsula School in CA, and moved on to hone his skills to professional standards at the San Francisco Art Institute. Naturally—since Marc’s greatest joy comes from helping others—he began teaching workshops and became renowned as an engaging and helpful speaker/coach.