How to Prepare for Your Travel Photography Adventure with Dave Williams

Now Boarding: Your next photography travel adventure! Your pilot will be Dave Williams. Please make sure you stow all gear for takeoff!

In this class, you’ll learn how to identify locations that are on-trend, what sights are popular and iconic, and how to identify the gaps and opportunities that you can leverage at each destination. Dave also shares his techniques for minimizing crowds in photographs, and the importance of continually investing in yourself.

Don’t put off taking this class; we’ve got essential tips and insider knowledge waiting for you! Take a look at the course outline, and dive right in!

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. What’s on Trend?
  3. Identify the Opportunities
  4. Avoid the Status Quo
  5. Techniques for Avoiding People in Your Photos
  6. Gear Talk
  7. Investing in Yourself
  8. Planning Your Gear

Thanks for flying KelbyOne—enjoy your adventure with Dave Williams!

Dave Williams

Dave Williams is a travel photographer and social media influencer, writer, educator, and blogger. His work has been featured worldwide in renowned publications and campaigns including Time, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, The Times, Shell, Marie Claire, Photoshop User Magazine, Scott’s blog, and more. His passion is to see the world and share his view of it, both in photography and writing.