Watch our brand new online Photoshop class from Mark Heaps as he reveals his colorful techniques for enhancing the hues in your photographs. You’ll walk away with the Photoshop techniques to control the precise shades you want to shine through in your images.

Let’s get started!

Course Outline:

  1. IntroductionFundamentals of Color
  2. How Color Exists Inside of Photoshop
  3. Working With Saturation
  4. Isolating Colors
  5. Matching Colors
  6. Adding Mood Using Color
  7. Painting With Color

Watch “A Guide to Commanding Color” with Mark Heaps now!


Mark Heaps

Mark Heaps is the Executive Director for Heaps LLC, a digital communications studio. Mark has taken care of clients for over twenty years offering solutions for boutique businesses and top listed Fortune 500 clients alike. He’s an Adobe Community Professional and Certified Expert, an Adobe MAX Masters Award Recipient, a past Senior Instructor of Brooks College, a traveled musician, dad of two great kids, husband, dog owner, and foodie.