Use light to bring your vision to life! Join professional photographer Chris Knight to learn how to control and shape light to create mood, depth, and ambiance. He will walk through a variety of different scenarios showing how you can use the same lights and modifiers in completely different ways to create new looks. Whether through directing light, restricting light, using multiple lights, or playing with shadows, you’ll learn how to be in control to help tell your story.

Here’s what Chris covers in the class:

  1. Goals and Gear
  2. Light is Light
  3. Directing the Light
  4. The Flag
  5. Tools for Restricting Light
  6. Shadow Detail is Important
  7. Using One Light
  8. Using Two Lights
  9. Using Three Lights
  10. Nuanced Portrait Light

Light can have a critical impact on your photos. Learn to use it your advantage in The Art of Subtracting Light with Chris Knight!

Chris Knight

Internationally published photographer Chris Knight combines his love of art history and technology, topping it off with a flair for the cinematic and an uncompromising eye for detail. His work has appeared in Vogue, People, Ocean Drive, and GQ, among others. Chris is the author of The Dramatic Portrait and an instructor at the Pratt Institute and the New York Film Academy.