Photographing Montana Big Skies with Moose Peterson

Learn how to capture those big beautiful Montana skies with landscape and wildlife expert Moose Peterson. Moose goes over what to do when arriving on location, considerations for shooting with B&W in mind, his post processing workflow after the shoot is complete, and so much more.

Check out this new class from Moose Peterson! Throughout the lessons, Moose shares all of the techniques you need to know to turn your camera to the skies.

Here’s a peek at what’s inside!

Course Outline

  1. Do Your Homework
  2. What Gear Do You Need?
  3. Arriving On Location
  4. What Goes into Choosing Your Location
  5. Shooting the First Runs of the Show
  6. Important Considerations
  7. Shooting the Thunderbirds
  8. Wrapping The First Day and Starting the Second
  9. Improving On Yesterday
  10. Wrapping Day Two
  11. Photo Review and Post Processing

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Moose Peterson

Moose Peterson KelbyOne Photography Teacher

Moose’s passion lies in photographing and bringing attention to endangered wildlife and preserving the role aviation has played in history. Along the way Moose has been honored for his photographic passion: a Nikon Ambassador USA, Lexar Elite Photographer, and recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award. He shares his knowledge through his writing, being published in over 143 magazines worldwide and author of 28 books.