Learning how to give and receive thoughtful feedback on photography is a challenging, yet important skill. And not only does knowing how to critique help other photographers – it can help you become a better photographer as well! In this class, join fine art and editorial photographer Daniel Gregory as he teaches you a methodology for approaching the analysis of your photographic work. Daniel is accompanied by four photographers who you can watch engage in the entire process and learn the tips and tools to the craft of critiquing. 

Here’s what Daniel covers in the course:

  1. Building a Foundation for Critique
  2. Fact vs. Fiction
  3. Experiencing the Photograph
  4. The Reading of the Photograph

Feel confident about having intelligent conversations about photography with Daniel’s newest class – The Craft of Photo Critiques!

Daniel Gregory

Daniel is a fine art and editorial photographer based in Washington State. A true believer in taking advantage of every opportunity, he pushes himself creatively through his work and his teachings. He looks to foster creative learning and sharing in an effort to build stronger communities, create meaningful dialog, and tell stories that reflect who we are and what we hope to become.