Landscape Panoramas, and Timelapses with Erik Kuna

Take the mystery out of creating panoramas and timelapse movies! Join Erik Kuna out in the beautiful landscape of Arizona as he breaks down the essentials for creating breathtaking panoramas and captivating timelapse movies. Starting with no frills set ups, Erik teaches you the lingo, the gear, and the settings to make these creations come alive, as he builds on each lesson to increase your skills and your options.

What can you expect to get out of this class? Find out below!

Course Outline:

  1. Why Create Panoramas?
  2. Pano Lingo
  3. Essential Gear for Panos
  4. Finding the No Parallax Point
  5. Creating a Pano with a Mobile Phone
  6. Pano of the Milky Way
  7. Multi-row Panos
  8. Fun with Panos
  9. Why Create a Timelapse?
  10. Essential Gear for Timelapse
  11. Key Timelapse Considerations
  12. Creating Your First Timelapse
  13. Going to the Next Level
  14. Using Manual Mode for Timelapse
  15. Timelapse at Night Advantage: Star Trails

Watch Erik Kuna’s latest class—it’s an a complete guide to creating landscape panoramas!

Erik Kuna

Erik is the Vice President of Operations for KelbyOne, and a passionate rocket launch photographer. His goal is to create images that help educate people about the space industry and inspire them to learn more about the beauty of space exploration. His passion was ignited in 2015 by seeing the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster land successfully. He felt like from that moment, he had to be part of documenting and capturing the beauty and inspiration of spaceflight and has never looked back. He has recently pushed his work farther by working with Plotaverse to heighten his images with motion.