Black & White Fine Art Architectural Photography with Scott Kelby

Converting your architecture photography into black and white fine art is your project for this week. Scott Kelby’s latest class will teach you everything you need to get started!

In this class, Scott goes through the essential gear you’ll need and the shooting setup to capture the starting photos, but the key to this technique is in the post-processing you’ll do in Photoshop to create this dynamic look.

Watch this class and prepare for your next B&W Architectural shoot!

Class Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Essential Gear
  3. How to Compose the Shots
  4. DSLR: Long Exposure
  5. Mirrorless: Long Exposure
  6. Converting to B&W
  7. Making Selections of Buildings: Part 1
  8. Making Selections of Buildings: Part 2
  9. Making Selections of Buildings: Part 3
  10. Adding the Black Sky and Beam of Light
  11. Adding Clouds
  12. Finishing Moves
  13. Applying Motion Blur to Existing Clouds
  14. Fine Tuning at the End
  15. Start to Finish Projects

All of this and more can be found in Scott Kelby’s new class—start watching now!

Scott Kelby

Scott is the President and CEO of KelbyOne, is also the original “Photoshop Guy”, is the editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine, Conference Technical Chair for the Photoshop World Conference, Training Director and instructor for KelbyOne Live Seminars, and author of a string of bestselling technology and photography books.