Learn advanced Photoshop techniques to improve your landscape photos with the incredibly talented Ramtin Kazemi in this week’s class.

In this class, you’ll learn how to evaluate the best parts of each photo, seamlessly blend the photos together, how to adjust contrast and color, how he approaches dodging and burning, and his special technique for adding depth and dimension. You’re bound to end up with a final image that wows!

We can’t wait for you to see it — start watching now!

Inside this Course

  1. Introduction
  2. Scouting the Area
  3. Camera Settings 
  4. Riverside
  5. Heading to Sunrise Shoot
  6. Sunrise Shoot
  7. Post Processing Session
  8. Conclusion

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Ramtin Kazemi

Ramtin Kazemi is an award-winning Landscape photographer based in Canada. He’s also a tour guide with a passion for the wilderness and the outdoors. Ramtin started photography as a hobby. After picking up his first camera, he fell in love with it— especially photographing the outdoors. His passion for adventure in the wilderness and pristine landscapes is the driving factor behind his photography. Aside from being a well-known landscape photographer, and worldwide instructor, Ramtin runs photo tours/workshops at his favorite locations.