Join our newest instructor Melanie Kern-Favilla as she teaches us all about floral photography! She will share her secrets for creating dramatic, still life, floral photographs using natural light. You’ll learn to recognize the quality of light, what gear is needed, how to create your own props and modifiers and how to choose the right flowers for your subjects. While Melanie uses flowers, you can apply all of these techniques to any still life subject you choose.

As an added bonus, Melanie will also teach you how to take amazing macro photos of snowflakes!

Here’s what Melanie covers in the class:

  1. Introduction
  2. Gear
  3. DIY Hacks
  4. Choosing the Right Flowers
  5. Shoot Setup
  6. Overcoming Natural Light Challenges
  7. Choosing Your Best Photos After the Shoot
  8. Post Processing
  9. Closing Thoughts
  10. BONUS: Snowflakes and Scanner

Creating these amazing natural light photos is as close as your own window! So don’t waste any more time – check out Creating Breathtaking Floral Images with Melanie Kern-Favilla today!

Melanie Kern-Favilla

Melanie Kern-Favilla is a locomotive engineer who is employed by the Long Island Railroad. Along with severe weather photography and floral images, she enjoys shooting snowflakes, water drops, and anything macro-related. She began shooting flower images in her garden, eventually transitioning to in-studio floral photography. She was specifically attracted to the structure, color, and intricacies of the flowers, dahlias in particular. “I love the entire process of creating something from scratch,” she says. “To see a three-dimensional object, then turn it into a 2-dimensional impression, is very interesting to me.” Melanie enjoys post-processing as much as making the original photographs, finding it endlessly fascinating and creative.