Grow your artistic macro photography skills into a fully bloomed masterpiece! We’re beaming with excitement over this course since so many of our members love to play with flowers!

In this class, you will learn how to bring out the character in a flower, and create stunning floral images of your own. These macro techniques can be applied to any type of small subject, not just floral arrangements.

Start watching “Artistic Macro Floral Photography” with Jackie Kramer now!

Inside this Course

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Bring Out Character in a Flower
  3. The Basic Shot
  4. High Key Shot
  5. Exploring the Garden
  6. Overcoming Challenges
  7. Dealing With Wind
  8. Choosing a Lens
  9. Examples With Different Lenses
  10. Shooting Textures
  11. Looking For Opportunities
  12. Multiple Exposures
  13. Image Review and Post Processing
  14. Post Processing High Key Image
  15. Post Processing Multiple Exposures

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Jackie Kramer

Jackie has been photographing the natural world, with an emphasis on flowers, since high school. She is at home shooting flowers in wildflower fields, botanical gardens, private gardens, and indoors. She is known for her rich colors and for infusing personality in her floral images. Jackie has received international acclaim for her images and has been published in several noteworthy magazines.