How to Shoot for Motion Art with Troy Plota

Join Troy Plota in beautiful Siesta Key for a two-part photo shoot on the beach followed by an indoor studio shoot! In his new online photography class, Troy reveals everything you need to know about shooting for motion art. Whether you’re a seasoned motion creator, or you’re just starting out with unique graphics and animation, this class has something for you!

Download the practice images so you can follow along during the lessons on creating motion art at the end.

Your KelbyOne toolkit already has everything you need to get started, including a FREE year of Plotaverse.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Beach Shoot: Part 1
  3. Beach Shoot: Part 2
  4. Natural Light Studio Shoot
  5. Animating With Plotagraph
  6. Animating Dragon Shoot
  7. Morphing a Face

Watch Troy’s brand new class and put your photos in motion!

Troy Plota

Troy redefines photography and video with a classic sensibility and cutting-edge patented photo animation technology. For over twenty-five years, Troy has worked as a photographer/director traveling the world shooting fashion, lifestyle, and celebrities. He’s done billboards for Times Square, portraits for the GRAMMYs, ads for Vanity Fair & GQ, and so much more. He has captured beautiful timeless images and created award-winning art projects that are sought after by international advertising agencies and publications.