We asked you to look up and show us your best shots taken from below. So many subjects can be captured from a low vantage point, and we got so many different types of entries from macro and wildlife to landscapes, portraits, and product photography.

Before you take a look at our winners, here’s a reminder that we will be announcing our next photo contest theme tomorrow. Become a KelbyOne Pro and enter your work! Now, let’s dive right into our favorite shots from below.

Member Challenge 35 Winner | Lutz Lutzenberger

We would expect to find this type of photo on one of our Worldwide Photo Walks. Lutz Lutzenberger uses something as simple as hanging laundry to force you to look up. This shot in the old town of Havana makes the top of our list. Congratulations to Lutz for winning our ‘From Below’ member challenge!

Member Challenge 35 Runner-up | Dan Bateman

This next photo just screams ‘majestic’. Our runner-up shot from member Dan Bateman captures an eagle soaring against a beautiful cloudy sky. We absolutely love it!

Member Challenge 35 Honorable Mentions

It’s honorable mention time—here are the other images we couldn’t stop looking at. Great job Jesse, Wayne, and Moshe, each of these offers such a unique take, it’s hard to imagine they came from the same theme!

Jesse Peters
Wayne Gillespie
Moshe Margalith

How creative and awesome are our members?! We love seeing the way our KelbyOne Community stretches and expands their skills to rise to the challenge. Go see all of our past Member Challenges for more examples of their awesomeness!

New Member Challenges

We’re very interested to see how you guys will respond to our next challenge. We plan on pushing you to do more than just make a technically sound image, we want to see your creative vision! What’s the theme? Come back on March 6th, 2020 to find out!

We will announce the next Member Challenge tomorrow on the KelbyOne Community and on The Insider. That means your next photo assignment will be posted on March 6th, 2020.