Blind Photo Critiques with Scott Kelby and Paul Kober

Scott Kelby and Paul Kober are here at The Grid to dole out their best constructive criticism.

Today, we will be reviewing your photo submissions LIVE! Get those photos in… maybe we’ll pick yours!

What types of photos can you submit? If you’re looking for inspiration look back in your folders, your Lightroom catalog, your recent project archives.

Are you a family and portrait photographer, a wildlife specialist, a macro maven, or a landscape lover? We’ll take them all!

Maybe you want to submit something from 3 different categories, or maybe you can’t choose between 3 similar images and you want to get our take. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s your best work, and we’ll give it to you straight.

The Grid is available via livestream on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or on our member site. See you at 4pm Eastern!

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