Discover how to create dramatic photos (even during the day!) by mastering long exposure. Join long exposure photographer Mimo Meidany in beautiful Venice, Italy as he takes you through the gear, the camera settings, and all the steps in his workflow for capturing stunning travel photos that are not only dramatic but also free of tourists. In this course, you’ll visit a number of different locations around the city with their own unique challenges and then wrap up with Mimo’s post processing techniques.

Here’s what Mimo covers in the course:

  1. Neutral Density Filters
  2. Brackets and Remotes
  3. Camera Settings
  4. Calculating Shutter Speed
  5. Avoiding Light Leaks
  6. Shooting Piazza San Marco
  7. Shooting Under the Arch
  8. San Giorgio Island
  9. Post Processing Arches: Part 1
  10. Post Processing Arches: Part 2
  11. Post Processing Piazza San Marco: Part 1
  12. Post Processing Piazza San Marco: Part 2

Enjoy roaming the streets of Venice in Mimo’s debut class – How to Take Stunning Long Exposures.

Mimo Meidany

Mimo Meidany is a long exposure photographer based in Venice, Italy and Victoria, Canada. He’s worked with cameras since the age of seven but by the end of 2014 Mimo decided to focus on black and white long exposure photography. Venice is an incredible playground to continue to develop his technique and he now teaches others who are also interested in this method of photography.