When you’ve photographed around the world as much as Rick Sammon has, you pick up some tips along the way about creating incredible travel photos. Rick starts with the basics with gear suggestions and creating strong scene compositions before diving deeper with fundamental tips for specific types of photos. Whether shooting landscape, wildlife, people, panoramas, action, or low light images, Rick teaches you how to apply your creative vision to get the incredible photos you’ve always wanted.

Here’s what Rick covers in the class:

  1. Respecting Your Gear
  2. Composition
  3. Envision the End Result
  4. Gear Suggestions
  5. Photo Tips
  6. Landscape Photography
  7. Panoramas and People
  8. Wildlife, Action, and Low Light
  9. Workflow

Learn to enhance your photos from basic snapshots to memorable photos and always be able to relive your amazing travels! Start Rick Sammon’s Top Tips for Taking Incredible Travel Photos today!

Rick Sammon

Canon Explorer of Light and award-winning photographer Rick Sammon loves his day job. A tireless, prolific and inspirational image-maker, Rick, called by some “The Godfather of Photography,” is one of the most active photographers on the planet – dividing his time between creating images, giving seminars, developing on-line classes for KelbyOne, leading photo workshops, and making personal appearances. Rick’s enthusiasm for digital imaging is contagious. He is a man on a mission – a mission to make digital photography fun, creative, exciting and rewarding for others. Rick’s latest (and 36th) book is Creative Visualization for Photographers. With nearly 40 years of experience, this self-taught photographer has many accomplishments – and many more anticipated for the road ahead. As Rick suggests, “When you are through changing, you are through.” See www.ricksammon.com for more information. Rick can be contacted at: ricksammon@me.com