I’ve been called a liar before, because people open Camera Raw as a filter in Photoshop and the new Enhance feature is missing (see previous tip). In fact it gets worse: There’s no Crop & Rotate tool and, to add to the conspiracy, other options are missing too. What? Is your Camera Raw broken? Nope. If you choose Filter>Camera Raw Filter when you have an image open in Photoshop, all the options that resize an image will be missing. This is on purpose because you can use the Camera Raw filter on layers, so you don’t want to resize your document by accident. This would cause
all the layers to interpolate (redraw), which could cause all kinds of issues. What you want to do is open your image directly into Camera Raw from Adobe Bridge. Right-click on the image, choose Open in Camera Raw, and now all the options will be available. You can also go to File>Open in Photoshop, navigate to your image, and then set the Format drop-down menu to Camera Raw. 

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