This is our favorite challenge of the entire year. No theme, very few restrictions, and uninhibited creativity. We put out a call for entries, and the response was incredible. If you haven’t seen what your fellow KelbyOne members have been working on, click the link below and check it out.

Head over to the gallery page to see all of the entries for this challenge.

Now, let’s get to the winners!

Member Challenge 53 Winner | Wendi Kennedy

The lighting, the shadows, the expression—these elements combined perfectly in this shot to create our winner. We can’t help but wonder what this person’s story is. Congratulations to Wendi Kennedy for taking home our top spot for this challenge!

Wendi Kennedy

Member Challenge 53 Runner-up | William Gunn

This little guy drew us in and captivated our attention. Bravo William Gunn, we loved this macro shot that you entered!

William Gunn

Member Challenge 53 Honorable Mentions

Our finalists are: April Sanders, Belinda Krause, Karen Havenaar, Patrik Seiler, Dee Potter, Bill Cubitt, and Reinier Snijders. There were so many incredible shots that it was even hard to narrow it down this far. Congratulations to the photographers behind these honorable mentions!

April Sanders
Belinda Krause
Karen Havenaar
Patrik Seiler
Dee Potter
Bill Cubitt
Reinier Snijders

Head over to the gallery to explore all of the entries and congratulate our winner, runner up and challenge finalists. Congratulations to all of our hard working members who took the time to enter!

Be sure to look back at all our past Member Challenges for more examples of community awesomeness!

New Member Challenges

We will announce the next Member Challenge on the KelbyOne Community and on The Insider. What theme will come next? Come back on Friday, January 27th, 2023 to find out!