Have you ever wanted to save a layer as a new document, say, a JPEG for social media? An example would be an image with a watermark on a separate layer; but you don’t want to include the watermark (translated, the requesting party doesn’t want your watermark). Right-click on the layer in the Layers panel and choose Export As from the menu. A dialog will open and you can choose your settings. If you’ve already set your preferences in Preferences (PC: Edit)>Export, you can choose Quick Export As [your selected file type], and skip all the in-between steps. 

Here’s an additional tip: Stop everything you’re doing right now and go to Preferences (PC: Edit)>Export and enter your most commonly used settings. There, that didn’t take long and now you’re all set up for the future. When you choose File>Export, you’ll also see Quick Export at the top of these options. That’s one of those little tasks that only takes a second, and pays you back over time, over and over.

This tip originally published in Colin Smith’s “Photoshop Tips” column in the February, 2023 issue of Photoshop User magazine.