We’re really fortunate to have so much amazing landscape in this country of ours—some of it right in our backyard, some we have to travel to—with which to expand our passion with our cameras and bring home great memories and stories. Let me give you six key tips for doing just that. These are pretty simple, and easy to remember.

1. Give folks five minutes to get out of your picture

You’re going to go places that other people want to enjoy. It belongs to all of us and we should all have the opportunity to enjoy it. Okay? And remember, you’ve got editing software. But when a person gets in your frame, don’t wig out. Just give them a few minutes, they will leave.

2. Ask yourself, what’s the subject?

That’s very important. Your subject is going to be the deciding factor for where you stand, what lens you use, filters, accessories. And you start the finishing process in your head As you look at that subject.

3. Zoom with your feet

Moving just one step forward or to one side or the other can make a big difference in your photograph.

4. Shoot the light

If there’s no light, there’s no photograph. It might be a really cool thing you’re standing in front of, but without that light, you’re not going to reach and grab heartstrings of your viewer, and that’s really important. You want to come home with pictures that say, “you need to be here”, not photographs that say, “I was here.” That’s all about the light. Look at the light, and shoot based on the story you want to tell.

5. Don’t worry whether someone else shot it

Just because it’s been done, because a shot’s been taken by somebody else, don’t let that stop you. It hasn’t been taken by you. So, take all the shots. Think about ways you can tell that story a little bit differently. Maybe by going at a different time of day. Maybe looking for those clouds that are telling a different story. Perhaps going black and white. Perhaps going really wide rather than telephoto. How about just a total gray sky before the sun even comes up? Find ways to make the story yours.

6. Most importantly, have fun!

And the last and most important tip, have fun. That is really critical. And then share your photographs!

Keep in mind that these are your stories. These are your shots. Get out there and work the scenarios and you’ll make those shots happen. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about you and your memories.

Excerpted and adapted from the KelbyOne class, Our Treasured Lands: Bringing Home the Memories with Moose Peterson.

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