Actions are very useful. They’re like tiny robots in Photo­shop that do everything for you. Well, you have to do it at least once to record those steps. But after the steps are recorded and saved, they’re called actions, and you only need to click on them in the Actions panel (Window>Actions) and click Play, and they’ll perform all those tasks for you. Actions are well worth learning if you don’t already use them. But, did you know those actions can live on your desktop, or in a folder on your computer, and you can run them just by dropping an image onto them, without even launching Photoshop first. These are called droplets. Get it? “Drop-lets.” You drop your—nevermind. Choose File>Automate>Create Droplet. Choose where you want your droplet to be created, the action you want to run, and the location where you want the edited image to be saved. Try it; it’s fun. 

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