The Puppet Warp tool is really useful for bending and warping lots of things, especially re-posing the limbs of people and animals. You choose Edit>Puppet Warp on an extracted layer. Once you add pins to move, pivot, or anchor parts of the image, you can drag the pins to warp the image. The problem is, very often the limbs get bloated or squished-looking. Because of this, many people give up on the puppet warp for these tasks. Don’t give up, there’s an easy solution. Once you’ve moved the pivot point, hold down the Option (PC: Alt) key and you’ll see a ring around the point. Still holding down the Option key, drag on the ring to rotate the transformation. This will straighten out the squishy kinks. 

This tip previously published in Colin Smith’s Photoshop Tips column, in the November/December 2019 issue of Photoshop User magazine.