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Create a Sci-Fi Watercolor Effect in Photoshop
by Kirk Nelson

As Star Trek: Discovery finished up their third season, we were still transfixed by the unique design of the title sequence. The blend of tech sketches and watercolor brushes work surprisingly well together. In this project, we boldly explore a technique inspired by that very effect. It’s accomplished by some clever uses of filters, blending modes, and stock images but proves to be a versatile technique that can be applied to your own work. One of the essential elements of the technique is a set of watercolor brushes freely available on Adobe’s website. 

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by Mark Heaps

An interesting question was posed recently in one of the Photoshop groups I follow on social media: How would you select a tattoo design on a person? There was your usual array of responses ranging from “Use the Magic Wand tool” to “I’d trace it with the Pen tool.” No answer is wrong if it gets the job done at a quality that’s satisfactory to you or your client. What is surprising, though, is that people are seeing the “object” of the tattoo, and not the “tonality” of it. 

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