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Dog Portrait Retouching
by Kirk Nelson

Leashes and handlers can frequently be removed from pet images afterwards. In this tutorial, we explore some retouching techniques that can follow up on the photography techniques that Kaylee teaches. The German Shepherd in this tutorial isn’t that well trained and required the near presence of his handler for the entire photo shoot, which made this project a perfect example of real life retouching for dog portraits.

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Down & Dirty Tricks: 3D Subtitle Art for Badass Effects Book
By Corey Barker

In this “Down & Dirty Tricks” you’ll learn how Corey Barker used 3D in Photoshop to create the subtitle art for his “Photoshop Tricks for Designers: How to Create Bada$$ Effects in Photoshop” book. You can achieve some really impressive effects in a fraction of the time that it would take to create them in other 3D applications—all without ever leaving Photoshop.

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