Universal Phone Mount and iPhone Case

Review by Dave Williams

I’ll tell you right now that this product, the Mobile Creator Kit, is a game-changer. It’s everything a content producer could want in this tiny delight. It’s a universal phone mount that attaches to a phone using the Peak Design Slimlink system. The mount is really simple to use and perfectly sized for my iPhone. The tripod attachment is ARCA-compatible and is very strong, which is fantastic if you need to take a steady photo or conduct a time-lapse. The system comes together with a GoPro style mount, making it compatible with GoPro connections on other gear. The base plate has a thumb screw to lock it in position on your tripod, too. 

The Mobile Creator Kit requires your phone to have an Everyday Case for iPhone ($39.95) or Universal Adapter ($29.95), both sold separately. I use mine with the Everyday Case for iPhone; but the Universal Adapter makes nearly any phone compatible with Peak Design Mobile mounts and accessories.

You may use the Mobile Creator Kit to take some extremely inventive mobile pictures: Set your phone in any position by swiveling and tilting it, using the convenient tiny arms and connections that come with the Kit. The phone is rock-steady because of the little magnetic clip that securely connects the Slimlink system on the phone case. I’ve used it to capture some fantastic images that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Additionally, it’s quite resilient, and has withstood some fairly severe abuse, including the extreme cold of the Arctic on my recent Due North adventures. 

Let’s discuss the Everyday Case for iPhone. This is a smooth case, which is constructed from a top-notch material that feels wonderful in your hand, and offers lots of grip. For those of us who dislike bulky cases, it’s also quite small, which is fantastic. The greatest thing, though? You can quickly go from using the Mobile Creator Kit to any of their other accessories without having to remove your phone from its case because it’s compatible with all of the Peak Design accessories. 

Overall, the Peak Design Mobile Creator Kit and Everyday Case for iPhone have truly pleased me. These were clearly designed and built with a lot of effort and consideration, making them robust, user-friendly, and adaptable. Whether you’re a professional content maker or just someone who enjoys taking amazing mobile photos and movies, I think you’ll find a lot to appreciate about this kit. If you’re looking for new equipment, do yourself a favor and check it out. You won’t be let down, I promise.