Elevate your Photoshop World 2023 experience with the Guru Awards!

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Get ready to showcase your brilliance in so many exciting ways! All paid three-day conference pass holders (18 years of age or older) are eligible to enter up to three pieces in three different categories (no more than nine pieces total). SUBMIT NOW

Explore Our 8 Captivating Categories:

Capture the beauty of land and sea, urban or natural vistas. Explore the world through your lens, from nature’s marvels to architectural wonders. For heavily retouched images, our Photoshop Artistry category may be a better fit. If AI was used make sure to check out our new AI Enhanced category!

Dive into the world of portraits and people photography. Whether you prefer studio setups or the great outdoors, showcase brides, grooms, babies, families, and more in natural light, fashion, or lifestyle settings. If your portraits feature extensive retouching, consider our Photoshop Artistry category. If new AI technology was used in the editing process make sure to check out our new AI Enhanced category!

Zoom in and reveal the intricate details of life with macro photography. Get up close to capture the beauty of bees, butterflies, water droplets, flowers, buttons, and other fascinating small objects.

Calling all wildlife enthusiasts! Venture into the wild and share your captivating images of animals on the move—whether they soar, swim, or sprint. Your wildlife encounters could take center stage in this category.

Are you a photography maverick? This open category welcomes all genres, from sports and commercial photography to furry friends and toys.

Calling all mobile photography enthusiasts! If you’re capturing your best shots with a mobile device, this category is tailor-made for you. Editing apps like Lightroom Mobile and Photoshop Mobile are optional but not required.

Showcase your mastery of Photoshop artistry. From digital painting to 3D enhancements, let your creativity shine. For images edited with new AI technology make sure to submit via the new AI Enhanced category

Showcase your AI-enhanced creations and join us in celebrating the future-forward dimension of artistic expression.

Visualize The Moment You’re Presented With Your Guru Award Trophy

The winner of each category will bask in the spotlight, celebrated for their unparalleled creativity. The allure of surprise prizes from our esteemed sponsors adds an extra layer of excitement. Don’t miss this chance—submit your captivating images, and etch your name into the annals of Guru Awards history. Read all the FAQ’s on the Guru Award contest page.

The Clock is Ticking

All Guru Award entries must be submitted through our online submission form no later than 11:59pm Eastern Time (ET) on Aug. 30, 2023. Your artwork could be the star of the show, unveiled LIVE at the illustrious Guru Awards & Wrap-Up Ceremony on the conference’s final day!

Check Out Last Year’s Winners

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