Member Monday Featuring Ryan Fitts

Happy Monday! We’re excited to introduce another KelbyOne member and their work—meet Ryan Fitts.

Ryan is a graphic designer and served as a soldier for 20 years. Ever since Ryan was young, he had an interest in photography. Keep reading to learn more about his image, the frog photo you see above, and his photographic interests.

About the Photo

This image was taken in the pond in our backyard. Every spring and summer, it is loaded with frogs, turtles, and insects. I was done shooting for the day, and was heading back to the house. I saw this guy raised up on his front legs, looking at me curiously. I was able to get within three feet of him, getting into the pond with him, before he bolted. 

Gear and Software

I shoot this with a Canon Rebel T6i with an EF-S 55-250 STM lens. This was my first digital rig. Nowadays I shoot with a Canon 7D, generally with an EF 70-200 2.8 IS II. Pic was edited in Adobe Lightroom. 

Photography Preferences

I still dearly love shooting wildlife, but also shoot local sports, a couple weddings, and starting to get into portraits. 

Photography Inspiration

Unfortunately, I can’t say that this image was inspired by KelbyOne, as I made the image before I had even heard of Scott Kelby. In the meantime, I have since become a Pro member, and use KelbyOne as my go to for photo instruction. 

Favorite KelbyOne Class

I really like the “Just one Flash” class, as I’m getting into off camera flash, and this has been the most concise block of instruction I’ve ever seen on the subject. 

Head on over to Ryan’s website and request to follow him on Instagram to see even more work from Ryan Fitts, including his wildlife, sports, and portrait photography.

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