Time to meet Piotr Trumpiel—he’s a KelbyOne member and he likes to shoot

Can you tell us a little bit about your photograph? 

The very minimalistic, modern –
and award-winning – design of the building’s exterior and interior
just appeals to my love of simple and clean architecture which looks
easy to execute but to be executed well it need painstakingly high
amount of attention to detail. On my visit there I took quite a few
pictures trying to convey the sense of space inside and catch all the
delicious geometric shapes. This shot was actually one of the last,
grabbed handheld just looking up towards the ceiling. You can see more
images taken at this location on my website.

What gear or software did you use to create this image? 

Nikon D610, Irix 11mm f4 Firefly lens, Adobe Photoshop CC.

How long have you been a KelbyOne member and what made you decide to become a member?

Given the fact that my interest in photography started quite a long
time ago I am quite a latecomer. I’ve been a KelbyOne member since
November 2016, the decision to become one came from a long time of
reading multiple Scott Kelby’s books and watching The Grid – with a
view to improve my skills. I finally realized that investing in
yourself is more important than big amounts of money spent on gear. So
far I enjoy it immensely as I believe I progressed a lot since – both
in the field of photography and editing software.

To see more work by Piotr, visit his website! Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram too.