Member Monday Featuring Patrik Seiler

It’s Monday and that means it’s time for you to meet another talented KelbyOne member. Meet Patrik Seiler! Patrik’s based out of Switzerland and the nightscape you see here is one of his images. Keep reading to get learn more about the photo and the man who made it.

About the Photo

We were returning from am trip to southern Switzerland and had to change trains in Zurich. As we got to the platform from which our train would depart I looked back west and saw all the lights from the signals, the house and so on. I checked the famous Swiss train watch at the station and realized that I had a few minutes to get my camera out of the backpack and take a picture. Because I wanted to shoot with a low ISO and because I didn’t have time to get out my tripod I simply put my camera on the ground and took some pictures.

Gear and Software

I took the pic with my Sony a7iii and then worked on it with adobe Lightroom and the Nik Collection. I know Scott loves his Canons, I still go with Sony.

Photography Preferences

Mostly things that stand still. So landscapes, architectures, and so on. I like to try out different things and the mountains, lakes, cities are just standing there patiently waiting for me to take the photograph.

Photography Inspiration

Out “in the filed,” I try to remember all the cool stuff that I learn from the classes as how to make the best out of a given landscape, city, or object.

Favorite KelbyOne Class

Right now, I try to get deeper into Photoshop, so I try to watch all the tips and tricks about layers, brushes, and 3D. I already thought about changing the language of my photoshop from German to English, because as a beginner it wasn’t always easy to find the right menu, mentioned in English in the class, in my “German Photoshop.”

Take the time to look at more of Patrik’s work on his Flickr page and don’t forget to follow Patrik on Instagram!