Compact, High-Fidelity, Wireless Audio System with Touch-Screen Display

Review by Dave Williams

They say we’ll watch bad video with good audio, but not good video with bad audio, and they’re right. DJI has taken this fact and acted on it in creating a compact and effective audio system quite simply named, “Mic.” The world’s largest drone manufacturer has branched out in several directions already, and they keep getting things right, so I was very keen to see if they’d done it again. 

The DJI Mic is a very clever, compact system that’s designed to work with minimal effort, if any. The whole system is contained within a charging case, unlike the comparable system from Røde. Aside from this, there are similarities; but I’ve found DJI takes the edge on all other aspects. 

The microphones and receiver are all made well and feel good, and the 250-m transmission distance between them held up, as I strolled across a large field. The microphones attach with a clip or a supplied, strong magnet, and the receiver has a clip that doubles as a cold-shoe adapter that allows connection to a mic-in port. This system can be used independently, and recording this way is very easy (unlike the Røde system), because the device is recognized as a drive when plugged into a computer, which means that you can drag the audio files. The receiver also features a USB-C port, a headphone port, and a small touchscreen display that’s small yet easy-to-read that gives you access to controls and settings. 

Here’s the key point, though: Sound. The DJI Mic is a step up above many wireless audio systems and, in my opinion, sounds better than the Røde Wireless GO. This Mic is certainly going to raise the game of any creator who isn’t using a Mic, or who needs to have a lav-type system ready to go without running wires. 

Here’s another thing to consider: The microphones have a line-in and can act simply as transmitters, so if you already have a better microphone and want to switch between using the DJI Mic as a microphone and using it only as a transmitter, you can. The DJI Mic’s audio quality, build quality, and ease of use have impressed me, and I don’t think I’ll be getting my Røde Wireless GO out of its pouch again.