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Tip Tuesday: Create a Quick Spotlight Effect in Adobe Camera Raw

There are two ways to do this, and the one I use most often is this (which we also looked at in Chapter 4): Go under the Filter menu and choose Camera Raw Filter. Click on the last tool in the toolbar at the top—that’s the Radial Filter (J). In the Radial Filter panel on the right side of the window, click on the – (minus sign) button to the left of the Exposure slider four times. This resets all the other sliders to zero, but lowers (darkens) the Exposure to –2.00. At the bottom of the panel, make...

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Finding Spots and Specks the Easy Way [Tip Tuesday!]

There is nothing worse than printing a nice big image, and then seeing all sorts of sensor dust,
spots, and specks in your image. If you shoot landscapes or travel shots, it is so hard to see these
spots in a blue or grayish sky, and if you shoot in a studio on seamless paper, it’s just as bad (maybe worse). I guess I should say: it used to be bad. Now, it’s absolutely a breeze, thanks to a feature in Camera Raw that makes every little spot and speck really stand out so you can remove them fast!

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Heads Up Members: Crazy Deal Alert on a softbox for Flash

Just saw this on B&H Photo and I was like “wow!” It’s an Impact collapsible softbox (it folds up flat), and the same one I had used for years, and they have a kit which includes: > A 24×24″ Impact Quickbox softbox  (it folds flat) > A Tilt bracket > A Flash bracket (to hold your hot shoe flash) > And a 8′ Impact air-cushioned light stand The whole rig is just $99.89 and includes free shipping. That’s nuts! The softbox alone is $90, so you’re basically getting the tilt bracket and stand for $10. For a complete one flash...

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