Editing in Lightroom is more accessible and widely used than ever. If you don’t know where to start, each of our Photo Tip Fridays packs insider Lightroom knowledge into just one minute!

That means you can learn 5 new Lightroom tools in record time. So start the clock and get started on these Lightroom quick tips.

1. Classic Auto Button with Scott Kelby

Lightroom Classic has a new and improved auto button and Scott will show you how a few minor tweaks can help perfect your images even more.

2. Dehaze Filter with Terry White

Terry White shares his tricks for using the Dehaze Filter in this Photo Tip Friday! To become a master of metadata in Lightroom Classic, watch Terry’s full class.

3. Edit Portraits in Lightroom Classic with Scott Kelby

See how you can still use Auto Tune in Lightroom Classic to edit portraits with this quick tip from Scott Kelby.

4. Fine Adjustments in Lightroom Mobile with Scott Kelby

Adobe rolled out new features in Lightroom Mobile—Scott Kelby shows you how to make fine adjustments using the new sliders. If you like this Photo Tip Friday, watch Scott’s full-length Lightroom Mobile class.

5. Lightroom HDR Workaround with Erik Valind

In this Photo Tip Friday, Erik Valind shows you how to not get locked out of Lightroom while the program merges your photos together to create an HDR image.

If you found these helpful, make sure you check out our full lineup of Lightroom courses and other Photo Tip Friday videos for more instructive tools!