A few weeks ago that we released a new course on KelbyOne on my ‘Seven Point System for Lightroom’ (it’s all about how I edit all my images in the Develop Module, and how you can do it, too).

Now when we release a new class on KelbyOne, we have a new button called ‘Discuss This Course’ (I added a red arrow to it above), and when you click that, it puts you into a discussion with other members, and quite often the instructor, about that particular class. I go in there daily answering members questions about my courses (and anything else I can answer), and last week I saw a comment from a member named Svetlana who wrote:

In the last segment (where images being edited start to finish), I would really love to see a portrait of a woman or child edited. Actually two portraits, one lit with studio lights, and one shot outdoors in natural light with a shallow depth of field. Would you consider making a little extension to the class?

I thought it was a great idea! So, I went back into the studio and recorded two bonus sessions — one in the studio with studio lights, and one shot outdoor in natural light with a shallow depth of field. Those two bonus lessons have already been added to the course.

Beyond adding these two bonus lessons…
Svetlana had a great idea, and I was happy to be able to go and add to the course, but beyond that, I think these course discussions are awesome, and to be quite honest with you, by the time I get in there at night to answer some questions, another KelbyOne member has often beat me to it. I actually love that — not because it saves me from having to answer it (answering questions is why I was there in the first place) — but because it speaks to something bigger that’s happening in our community. Thousands of members are participating in these discussions (and members can create their own topics and questions outside these class discussions), and to see members helping members around the world — it’s what thriving helpful community is all about.

It has to be a helpful, friendly place
When a member joins the discussion for the first time, we let them know the rules of the house, which essentially are this: Be really nice, respectful, and kind to everyone. If you’re mean or disrespectful, you’re outta here. We don’t want to see this awesome community devolve  into what sadly we see so often online, where people are mean (especially to newbies), and talk down to people, or call them names, or just act like jerks. We monitor those forums daily for just that reason, and thankfully the discussions there are just what you’d hope they be — friendly, kind, engaging and informative. Make sure you check out this vibrant, growing helpful community of KelbyOne members from every corner of the globe.

So thanks, Svetlana
Thanks for helping me to make my 7-point-system course more helpful to you, and hopefully some other folks, too.