Heads up members: The new issue of Lightroom Magazine is here (btw: the cover shot for this issue is from KelbyOne instructor Rick Sammon).

Above: A peek at the TOC and the opening page of some of the features this issue.

In this issue, Martin Evening shows you how to use the HSL panel to overcome gamut limitation of your display, to bring out colors you normally wouldn’t see. Serge Ramelli shares his Lightroom’s Split Toning tricks to add a Hollywood Film look to your image. Rob Sylvan shows you the power and flexibility of Lightroom Web (he’s teaching this live at Photoshop World in just a few weeks). We’ve got a tutorial on the Perfectly Clear 3 plug-in (from Sean McCormick), along with my Lightroom Q&A column, and some awesome Lightroom tips, and well…it’s up and live now!

Here’s the link to give it look: https://members.kelbyone.com/magazine/

Excited to hear what you think about the new issue (you can discuss this issue now in the community — here’s that link).