Tweet of the Week | @JadeTinklerPhoto

This week’s Tweet of the Week featuring @JadeTinklerPhoto got us thinking… what are some of the “weird” things you do in the name of photography?

Do you lay on the ground in the middle of a busy street to get the shot? Do you make funny faces at your clients to get a more natural expression? Or maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s something like what Jade Tinkler did when she got a new piece of gear.

When Jade got her new Elinchrom light, she used a baby doll to test it out. Absolutely brilliant, right?! We thought so too!

But, you have to admit… to someone who’s not a photographer, that probably looks a little strange.

So think about it. What’s something you do as a photographer that makes perfect sense in our industry, but would get you an eyebrow raising or a chuckle?

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