The Smart Sharpen filter is aptly named—it’s a sharpening filter that uses a better mathematical algorithm than Unsharp Mask (which, by the way, has been in Photoshop since version 1.0), which lets you apply more sharpening with less of the bad stuff associated with it (in­creased noise, halos that appear around the edges of objects, or little specks or artifacts in the sharpened image). You find Smart Sharpen under the Filter menu, under Sharpen, and choose Smart Sharpen to bring up the dialog.

If you find settings you really like, you can save them as a preset by going to the Preset pop-up menu, at the top of the dialog, and choosing Save Preset. Give it a name, click Save, and now your preset, with those settings, will appear in that pop-up menu. Pretty handy.

Excerpted from Photoshop for Lightroom Users, 2nd Edition, by Scott Kelby.