You may have encountered this after a recent update, or worse still, you’ve been struggling with it for a long time: Every time you save, you get the Save to Creative Cloud option but you want to save it to your disk drive. You choose the On Your Computer option at the bottom left and save your file. You dread saving because you have to go through this every time. You’ve looked for a button that says Remember This Choice but it doesn’t exist. I feel your pain, but there’s a simple fix. 

Go to Photoshop (PC: Edit)>Preferences>File handling. Under the File Saving Options at the top look for the Default File Location drop-down menu. Change Creative Cloud to On Your Computer and click OK. Now it will save to your disk drive by default and you can choose cloud when you need to. Of course if you prefer to save to the Creative Cloud, use the Creative Cloud option. 

This tip originally published in Colin Smith’s “Photoshop Tips” column in the January, 2023 issue of Photoshop User magazine.