On this week’s episode of The Grid, we’d like to introduce you to someone…Viktor Fejes!

Viktor is a professional retoucher and Founder of Gild Studios, a renowned boutique retouching studio.

Why are we telling you all of this?

Because Viktor is a brand new KelbyOne instructor who’s got all sorts of retouching lessons for you. (Not the same kind of retouching Kristina Sherk does though!) A few weeks from now, you’ll see a couple of classes from Viktor coming your way. Make sure to keep an eye out for those courses!

In the meantime—tune in at 4PM EDT to meet Viktor as he joins Scott Kelby on The Grid. Don’t forget, you can watch The Grid on KelbyTV or you can join us via Facebook, either on Scott’s page or the KelbyOne page.

Want to learn more about Viktor Fejes? Scope out his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Or browse some of the awesome work Guild Studios has created on his website.