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Camera Scanning and Retouching Film Negatives
by Jack Reznicki

Is your significant other giving you the stink eye over your overflowing collection of negatives, slides, and prints? As the old adage asks, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is “One bite at a time.” While this cliché is humorous and true, it’s also the method for facing an archive of photos collected over many decades. Henri Cartier-Bresson once said, “Your first 10,000 images are your worst.” Well, it seems I still have all those negatives and chromes and prints. 

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HDR for Environmental People Pictures? Give It a Try!
by Rick Sammon

“I hate HDR.” Do a Google search on that topic and you’ll find tons of examples of poorly processed HDR (high-dynamic range) images—images with haloes, images that look oversaturated with exaggerated details, and images that look grotesquely grungy. Do a Google search on “I love HDR,” and you’ll find images that don’t look like HDR images—images with a natural look.

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Finishing for the Heart
by Moose Peterson

We’re amazingly fortunate to wander our planet with our cameras in hand to bring back to others the wonders that we witness. It’s a very passionate affair, which greatly influences how we see and make our photographs. We all know the process we go through to bring back our stories in our photos, and we’ve all experienced the moment when showing our photos to others that we’ve said, “This doesn’t do the scene justice.”

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Processing Realistic Starscapes
By Sean Arbabi

Creating stunning nightscapes with the goal of realism for the final image file not only comes from your experience of how these scenes appear through a pair of human eyes, but also how contrast, exposure, light, and detail manifest during these hours of darkness. Learn some of the challenges you may face documenting a extremely low-lit scene, and how to process your image file to maximize the detail and tones captured.

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